This is the website of ‘Het Middeleeuws Genootschap Die Landen van Herwaerts Over’. The LHO is a society of people who are interested in the Middle Ages and make those come to life through Living History.
The LHO has an educative goal. You can find us on several events in the Netherlands and abroad. Next to events you can also find us at museums and schools.

Our clothes and objects are mainly self-made or bought from professional craftsmen and based on archaeological finds and science research literature.

The Middle Ages last about 1000 years, and in these years a lot of development take place. That’s why the LHO is divided into several subgroups. Each having it's own period, place and environment. More information about these subgroups can be found in the menu.

Are you interested in medieval times, living history and/or in our society, please do not hesitate to take your time and read our website. If you decided you would like to become a member of the LHO, you can find some more information and the form here.

If you are an event organizer and you would like some medieval (educative) entertainment, pleace click here.

The LHO is a member of the Landelijke Platform Levende Geschiedenis (LPLG) that among other things, maintains contact with the government about safety concerning weapons.

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